Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am ready to play!

Taurus:  The Icelandic word *hoppĂ­polla* means
"jumping into puddles." I'd love to make that one of your themes in the
coming weeks. It would be in sweet accordance with the astrological
omens. You are overdue for an extended reign of freelance play . . . for a
time of high amusement mixed with deep fun and a wandering
imagination. See if you can arrange to not only leap into the mud, but also
roll down a hill and kiss the sky and sing hymns to the sun. For extra
credit, consider adding the Bantu term *mbuki-mvuki* to your repertoire.
It refers to the act of stripping off your clothes and dancing with crazy

Strongly influenced by my horoscope, I take on the challenges and head out to jump me some puddles. I want to play!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

moving on?

"Above all Michele stands ready to jump. Michele has ended the semester on a strong note demonstrated by the  work that communicates with a clearer and more confident voice, as well as, strengthened visuals that exude a more complex emotional component."  Amy Podmore, RSA 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

creative, brave, and courageous.

For the [creative person], what's going on outside is trivial compared to what is going on inside… Don't try to change the structure of the outside world [hoping that] then you'll be fine, then you'll be creative and then you'll be brave. No. First, figure out how to be creative and brave and courageous, and the outside world will change on your behalf…
It's always the same case – it's always the case of you're a human, trying to connect to another human. And if you just pick one human that you can change for the better, with work that might not work – that's what art is.    

Seth Godon "V is for Vulnerability." 

 Seth Godon "V is for Vulnerability." 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh Hi

By the way, it's official.

me, mfa, done.

the big question?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

getting ready!

TAURUS : You remind me of a garden plot that has
recently been plowed and rained on. Now the sun is out. The air is warm.
Your dirt is wet and fertile. The feeling is a bit unsettled because the stuff
that was below ground got churned up to the top. Instead of a flat
surface, you've got furrows. But the overall mood is expectant. Blithe
magic is in the air. Soon it will be time to grow new life. Oh, but just one
thing is missing: The seeds have yet to be sown. That's going to happen
very soon. Right?

Getting ready for the mfa defense in two weeks. The work is near complete, videos are pleasing, frosting cubes and hoops are just about perfect. Now I need to figure out how to transport them, and get my show up to Maine! IT's ALMOST HERE!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): "Our brains are no longer conditioned for
reverence and awe," said novelist John Updike. That's a sad possibility.
Could you please do something to dispute or override it, Taurus?

 Would it be too much to ask if I encouraged you to go out in quest of 
lyrical miracles that fill you with wonder? Can I persuade you to be 
alert for sweet mysteries that provoke dizzying joy and uncanny
 breakthroughs that heal a wound you've feared might forever plague you?
 Here's what the astrological omens suggest: 
Phenomena that stir reverence and awe are far more likely than usual.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

this is a good one

TAURUS It's Love Your Messes Week, Taurus. In
accordance with the astrological omens, you are authorized to love the
hell out of the messes in your life -- from the small, awkward knots of
confusion to the big, beautiful heaps of fertile chaos. This is not a time to
feel embarrassed or apologize for your messes; not a time to shy away
from them or ignore them. On the contrary, you should explore them,
celebrate them, and even take advantage of them. Whatever else they
are, your messes are untapped sources of energy. Learn to love them for
the mysterious lessons they keep teaching you. Love them for the
courage and willpower they compel you to summon. Love them for the
novelty they bring your way and the interesting stories they add to your
personal legend.